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This is Drew and I know chaos.

But there is one thing in all the world where chaos doesn’t exist is in the game of baseball. I have been all over the States watching baseball. You have Petco Park and Camden Yards. Fenway and on down to Turner Field.

But my all time favorite is Busch Stadium in St. Louis. You have the high white archs, the best fans and the pitchers who step up to the plate.

The last time I visited there I decided to not rent a car and call a St. Louis Company that had sedans. I am tired of the chaotic scene on the highways these days. Let someone else handle it. So I took a ride right from the airport to the stadium. Got there a good hour early so I could walk around and take in the scenery and batting practice. This was back when Albert Pujols was playing and man he could knock them out of the park.

The Cardinals were playing the Rockies who sucked so I expected a good slaughtering game with the Cards on top.

Final score? 12-2.

The thing about baseball is it has rules and each inning could have anything happen. An amazing catch and assist. A double play executed perfectly. A soaring moon shot followed by a trot around the bases.

It’s beautiful and orderly. As soon as it is over I step back out into chaos and right away reality hits you in the face.

Until the next game that is. Step into a stadium anywhere (Except the Trop) and feel the order and majesty of the game. I can’t wait till I go again.

This is Drew and I know chaos.