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Back in the day when I lived in Boston I used to get my movie times from the phone. You know before internet was in vogue and phones were attached to the wall? So I would stand there and punch in the number for moviefone and you would get the standard recording every time.

“Hello and welcome to moviefone brought to you by Kiss 108 and the Boston Herald. If you know the name of the movie you would like to see, Press 1 now.”

Sometimes when life gets chaotic for me I think of that line. It just goes over and over in my head like a broken record. Sometimes I feel like that is what chaos is. The endless mundane repeating moments in life.

Chaos is better known as a scene where everything is strewn everywhere and there is no order. It can be a lot like a playground full of kids. It is amazing how no one collides into each other more often running around with absolutely no purpose, or so it would seem.

Chaos can be like the streets of NYC where millions of New Yorkers have places to go and are in a hurry to get there. Have to ever been in a subway in rush hour? It is INSANE! But it happens everyday and mostly without incident.

Chaos can traffic on a hot summer day when the roads are being worked on seemingly for years on end. This was common in Boston. You never knew what they were doing but you always saw the orange construction cones and netting. Most secure job market there is.

Chaos can be the beach during high tide. Waves crashing in and removing sand by the ton each and every day. The creatures of the shore pay no mind though. Just a part of life.

Chaos can be the delivery room at the hospital. Mothers be screaming and babies crying.

Chaos is everywhere my friend.

How in chaos did you get here? That’s for another time.