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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Imagine building an awesome building without putting a roof on it?

Sure it would work for a little while if you had an umbrella keeping you with shade and the weather wasn’t too hot or cold.

Wanna know what chaos would be? A house with no roof during a rain storm.

Ask any roofing company and they will tell you it is a recipe for a disaster.

Hell ask anyone with a sane sense of mind and they will tell you it is a bad idea.

How about building a house without any electricity? Sure many use to live that way but let’s be real… won’t survive.

Or think of a house without any windows. That would be crazy right? Well you would end of going crazy without and sunlight or the ability to get fresh air once in a while.

Imagine a house with any plumbing? Can’t wash your hands. Can’t flush down your crap.

It would be unbearable but you could make it.

Without a roof though? You couldn’t make it.

Why am I harping on all this? Well I saw a house without a roof the other day and it just blew my freakin mind.

They said they didn’t really need one because of the way the weather was in that area. WHAT?

Who cares about the weather pattern….You need a roof.

Anyway I will be keeping an eye on that house and let you know what kind of chaos they got themselves into.

This is Drew. I am an expert in chaos.

Thanks for reading.

It has become to depressing to even watch mankind of display anymore. We have so many voices surrounding us who all believe in what they are saying to some degree. How can they all be right? We can never reach a consensus on logic either. Logic demands concrete rules which is probably why it is ditched so easily these days.

With so many voices the chaos intensifies with each passing day. Or does it?

I had a conversation recently where I was presented with an idea. What if there wasn’t really chaos but a choice between two paths. The right one with clarity and logic and then everything else. So instead of many voices, there are only two.

I have to admit I never thought of it this way before. If we so quickly say everything is random and relative then we undercut our very premise. We become the fox guarding the hen house. We want the liberty to come to a conclusions for others to live by and exclude ourselves from the outcome.

When you look at it from the perspective of just two realms of reality then you find you have more to stand on than before. You can talk about the hen house and live there too.

This presents a lot less chaotic outlook on life. How interesting that is.

In the end it the reality you choose. If it is based on truth then you have the ability to say yea or nay. Anything else is, well, just chaos.

Think about it.